Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SM West @ SM North Recap

The Indians by far should be 2-2 after this week. Turnovers have killed them all season long, and Friday night was no different. After trailing 7-0 to SM West, the North offense was trying to respond. Ryan Theis dropped back to pass when Sean Dilley of West ripped the ball from Theis, and took it 26 yards for a touchdown. The very next North possesion, Matt Maynard had the ball popped out of his hands and into the air caught by Lee Spight of West who went 20 yards for another Viking touchdown. Within minutes West had a 20-0 lead over the Indians. After a touchdown run by Brock Burrows, the Indians cut the lead. Right before half Indian star Mason Perez found a pass by Armani Williams and intercepted it for 60 yards giving North a big time chance to make it a game before half. The next play Ryan Theis hit Perez who hurt his shoulder on the catch for 22 yards, and the Indians trailed 20-13 at the half. North was forced to play the second half without Seniors Mason Perez, and Mitch Paden. The absence of the two went noticed as the Indians struggled offensivly the entire second half. Both teams were unable to get anything going offensivly in the second half, and West eventually held on for the 20-13 win. Many wonder what the game would have been like without the two fumble returns, and having Mason Perez able to play in the second half. North now (1-3) will travel to Lawrence to meet Lawrence Free State (3-1). This will be the 6th meeting between the two schools, with Free State leading the series (4-1)

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