Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 6 Sunflower League Picks

Adams picks have an (A) next to the team, Kurts (co-editor) will have a (K) next to the team.
Thursday October 6th
(A) (K)Olathe Northwest (2-3) AT SM North (1-4)
(K)Lawrence Free State (4-1) AT SM East (2-3) (A)

Friday October 7th
Leavenworth (0-5) AT SM West (2-3) (A) (K)
(A) (K)Olathe East (4-1) AT SM Northwest (1-4)
SM South (1-4) AT Lawrence (3-2) (A) (K)

Game of the Week
Olathe South (5-0) AT Olathe North (5-0) (A) (K)

Adam- Last Week- (5-1) Season- (26-4)
Kurt- Last Week- (5-1) Season (24-6)

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